Homemade CBD Cream for Dogs and Cats

If your dog or cat has arthritic pain, or inflamed skin from an allergy, then you can help that at home with this easy to make CBD cream. Exactly what to do, with precise steps. Share this video and subscribe (it’s free!) for more videos every Tuesday and Friday! Thank you for making me the… Continue reading Homemade CBD Cream for Dogs and Cats

The Benefits of Charlotte's Web CBD for Grapplers

Chewy and Eugene discuss the benefits of using Charlotte’s Web CBD and the impact it has had on our training and recover. You can pick up some Charlotte’s Web CBD at and use the code Chewjitsu for 15% off your total purchase. source

How to make EXTRA Strong Tincture // No Smell Green Dragon Tincture Recipe

Check out my “Edible Master Class” Playlist here: … source

CBD Oil For Pain // CBD For Anxiety & Depression

In this video i talk about how CBD oil help’s to reduce chronic pain in the body as well as how it relieves anxiety & depression. source

CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety Suffers

To learn more about CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety Suffers please visit This video is about the benefits of using CBD or cannabidiol to improve health. Our special guest explains how the body works to keep all our vital systems in balance and how CBD interacts with this balance to improve health all the way… Continue reading CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety Suffers

How to find the best quality CBD oil

We dive deep into the process of how Cured Nutrition uses a farm to table business model. Cured grows their own CBD and tests the product at every stage of the process. For more questions on CBD, visit the link below 🙂 source

Ultra Relaxing Neck & Scalp Massage Tutorial with Oil, Tense Shoulders, Pain Relief, Sleep, How to

Chandler Rose, LMT, addresses tense shoulders & explains the role of the pectorals in upper back pain and how to address them … source

The Best CBD Oil for Pain and Sleep

CBD oil for pain topical, CBD oil for pain in feet, CBD oil for pain and relaxation, the best CBD oil for pain and sleep, CBD oil for … source

cbd oil fort collins

Here are seven health benefits of CBD oil that are backed by scientific evidence. Several human studies have found that a combination of CBD and THC is … source

How to Retail Sell CBD & Consult Consumers 🎯

If you like this video please drop a comment hit the like button and don’t forget to share and subscribe my channel. ————————- 🔴 Kristen Brooks explains…. Through education, our mission is to bridge the gap between solid, well-sourced scientific information on cannabidiol, and other cannabinoids, and their utility for improving health. We aim to… Continue reading How to Retail Sell CBD & Consult Consumers 🎯