Did C B D Oil Work? Chronic Pain Management with Medication

5 Ways To Manage Chronic Pain. #CBDoil #THC #Chronicpainmanagement

CBD vs Tylenol vs Tinctures: Treating Pain and Neuropathy
My heart is so full of love and appreciation for all the support and prayers y’all have provided over the past couple of years. It has made my transverse myelitis and Neuro Myelitis Optica or NMO challenges easier to manage. I was so sad to hear that so many of us are suffering in silence from our invisible illnesses particularly auto immune illness.

My neurologist and I have been working really hard to manage my chronic pain in the best way possible. In today’s vice video I thought I’d share 5 chronic pain options I hope benefit you.

How do you manage your chronic pain? Let us know in the comments.

As always, may God give you strength for your journey. xo, Ladon


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