How I'm finally healing from Chronic pain and anxiety -My personal resource list

It’s been a long road, but I’ve had such a good run of great results, I’m compelled to believe that I’m finally on the right track after so many years.

I’ve been suffering from Chronic anxiety, IBS-D and C, SI joint pain, back pain, bunion, knee pain, migraines and more lol

The biggest component that was missing was addressing specifically my childhood trauma and healing the wounds in my heart from my parents and my husband.

On your path you might experience, what feels like a worse pain(s) as you go through your process. Detoxifying isn’t always pretty. Give yourself permission to heal and go through it. Forgive everyone and everything that has happened to you.

Here’s a list of my favorite resources:

1. The cure for chronic pain:
2. You can heal your life by Louis Hay:
3. CBD tincture:
4. CBD living freeze:
5. Everlywell food sensitivites test:

Be well my friend.


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