First Time Trying CBD Oil for Chronic Illness, Pain, Anxiety and Depression

I’m tired of popping about 9x Ibuprofen a day, every day. I had little idea of what to expect when first trying CBD Oil… I chart my before and after symptoms, and also check back in after 6 hours to give an update. So far so good.

I’m very glad I finally listened to those who recommended it to me!!

Some background about me and my conditions:
I am diagnosed with a few neurological conditions (Transformative Migraines, Functional Neurological/Movement Disorder) and other pain inducing medical doo-hickies. I also have had anxiety and depression for about 10+ years and am always looking to find more holistic treatments. About 6 years ago I became severely ill and never foudn the cause… but I’ve made peace with this fact and am more interested in finding treatments that help expand my life. Currently can’t work due to my symptoms, and I say my part time job is doctor appointments, physical therapy, and taking care of myself. I believe if I build a firmer foundation, I will be stronger and more able to work in the future (that’s the goal at least!!)

If you live in Erie, PA… buy local! This hemp oil extract can be purchased from Chicory Hill:

And here is the company that creates the hemp oil:


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