CBD for Autoimmune Conditions | A Charlotte's Web Review

I’ve been using CBD (Cannabidiol) to treat my autoimmune conditions since January 2020 (for the last 6 months). This is a Charlotte’s Web review. I can’t speak to results from other brands/companies. I chose Charlotte’s Web 17mg hemp extract oil because they are pioneers in the field of CBD. So I feel that I can trust the purity and quality of their products. I have three autoimmune diseases including Sjogren’s Syndrome, Raynaud’s disease, and psoriasis. I’m using CBD to treat pain and it has been working for me!

I was directed by my doctor to take CBD. I’m not suggesting for anyone to take any drug (legal or illegal) without first talking to her/his doctor. That said, CBD has been beneficial for me. So I thought I’d share my perspective.


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