New Cancer Treatments and Diagnostic Updates in Dogs & Cats: Vlog 75

What is New in Cancer Treatment and Diagnostics in Dogs & Cats?

Every year Dr Sue attends state of the art veterinary conferences to get the latest scientific research and learn about leading-edge scientific research in tests and treatments for dogs and cats with cancer. In this vlog, Dr Sue shares some of the highlights from the annual ACVIM Forum – this is what is cutting-edge in the world of cancer in pets.

In this vlog Dr Sue shares updates on

🐶 Dog lymphoma, chemotherapy and prednisone (steroids)

🐕 Dog mast cell tumors, c-kit mutation testing and the chemotherapy drug Palladia

💉New research on a new drug called tigilanol tiglate – it is injected INTO dog mast cell tumors and is pending FDA approval for use in dogs

👉🏼 Biopsy 2nd opinions and why you need to be requesting them as a veterinarian and as a pet owner. And which tumor sites are most troublesome.

👨‍⚕️How home-cooked diet can be so important in dogs with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and help get them off medications!! This non-cancer highlight is from her veterinary internist hubby Dr Kerry Heuter

🤩 Plus meet celebrity super pup, Stella the Puppy Monster. She is Instagram-famous and adorable

✔️Here are some helpful links
Looking for a specialist (cancer specialist or internist):

Here’s the link for a Veterinary Nutritionist:

Qbiotics and Tigilanol tiglate:

For more information on ACVIM and the Forum:


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