Does CBD oil work for pain? Learn how CBD oil helps people with pain relief. | Pain management

A staggering 50 million Americans deal with long-term (“chronic”) pain. Of these people, 20 million have high-impact chronic pain. That’s the kind of pain that already interferes with their work, life, and other activities.

So, it’s no wonder that chronic pain could be costing the US at least $635 billion each year. That’s for the direct costs (e.g., treatment) and indirect expenses (e.g., loss of productivity). However, it doesn’t account for the suffering felt by those who always battle it out with pain.

The good news is, CBD oil for pain may help not just with pain, but also its psychological impact. Always being in pain, after all, can raise one’s risks for stress and even anxiety and depression.

How exactly does CBD oil help ease pain, though? How does it work, and what types of conditions can it help with?

We’ve rounded up the most critical facts you need to know, so be sure to watch this video!


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