Fighting Breast Cancer w/Cannabis: Anti-Tumor Effects of Cannabinoid Therapies/ Dr. Cristina Sanchez

“It’s pretty clear to us… that cannabinoids have anti-tumor properties.”

Renowned medical cannabis researcher and molecular biologist Cristina Sanchez, PhD explains “The Anti-Tumor Effects of Cannabinoid–Based Therapies on Breast Cancer Subtypes,” focusing on new cannabinoid receptors and their involvement in cannabinoid anti-tumoral action in breast cancer and other types of tumors.

In this presentation, Dr. Sanchez describes how, in pre-clinical models of cancer:

• Cannabinoids like THC and CBD exhibit cancer-fighting traits when targeted toward specific receptors and breast cancer tumors.

• How all breast cancer subtypes (Hormone Sensitive, HER 2+, Triple Negative) respond to cannabinoids.

• How whole-plant cannabinoid extracts (per entourage effects) were more potent than pure cannabinoid isolates.

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