Foot and Ankle Surgery Part 3

Your feet and ankles take a pounding every day. It is easy to understand how your foot and ankle, which are made up of dozens of bones, many tiny joints, and all kinds of muscles and ligaments, can be easily injured. An injury to the ankle can cause injury to the foot and an injury to the foot can cause and injury to the ankle. When you feet and ankles hurt it affects the quality of your life. Les Cours Medical Centre orthopaedic surgeons know that there are many treatments to heal problems with the feet and ankles, and that when those therapies do not work, you may be a candidate for foot and ankle surgery.
The most common reasons for pain in the feet and ankles are some form of abnormality in the area, injury, or diseases like diabetes. If you have tried drugs, shoe inserts (orthotics), and physiotherapy and your pain still exists, your orthopaedist may recommend foot and/or ankle surgery. Repairing a foot or ankle is an intricate business because there are so many bones, muscles and ligaments involved. The specialized orthopaedic surgeons at Les Cours Mont Royal will treat you with the upmost care while performing either arthroscopic and/or open surgery on your feet or ankles.


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