CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) Guide || Dosage, Benefits, Full Spectrum vs Isolate, Side Effects & More!

CBD Oil / Cannabidiol Guide: CBD Dosage, CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD Benefits, CBD Oil Side Effects, How To Take CBD Oil, The Best CBD Oil For Anxiety & Parkinson’s, & More Explained!
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If You’re Wondering Which Types Of CBD Oil You Need For Depression, Stress Or IBS (With THC Or No THC), If CBD Oil is Legal, How Much To Take, What The CBD Oil Effects are, Which Ways Of Use There Are (CBD Products Like (Gummy Bear Softgel Capsules, Vaping, Sublingual Tinctures Drops etc.), What The Entourage Effect Is & A LOT More, Then Watch This WHOLE CBD Beginners Guide, Because It Will Discuss EVERYTHING You Need To Know About CBD oil!

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In this video I will tell everything about CBD oil. CBD can benefit a lot of things, like anxiety, stress, epilepsy, pain, improving sleep (insomnia), & more. I’ve tried a lot to treat anxiety, but CBD Oil is the most effective.

CBD can be taken in different ways. The most common ones are: vaping, eating (caps, pills, food), & under your tongue. Each way has its own pros & cons, so find out which one you like the most. I prefer sublingual, since it’s 1 of the most purest, quickest, easiest, cheapest & effective ways.

There are 2 types of CBD: isolated (pure), And full spectrum (raw).
The CBD plant contains around 100 cannabinoids. Isolate means it contains only 1: CBD, no other components. Full spectrum contains all the cannabenoids. My advice is to go for full spectrum; it provides more & stronger health benefits than isolate, because all the components work together, creating a superpower; “the entourage effect”.

Out of all cannabinoids, the most famous ones are CBD and THC. Full spectrum contains a very little bit THC, but it cannot get you high. The amount THC is less than 0.1%, which is too low to get high, + there is way more CBD in it, which works against the effect of getting high.

Another very nice thing is that you can’t build tolerance to CBD oil. For things like THC you can, but not for CBD because it doesn’t bind to your receptors. Studies even suggest that CBD has the opposite effect, a reverse tolerance. This basically means that you need less from it over time, instead of more, so it works better when it’s build up in your system.

Also you cannot overdose on CBD oil. It is 100% safe, and has no big side effects. So there is no need to stop using it after a period of time, you can keep using it. The right dosage is different for everyone, & also depends on what you’re using it for, so it’s very hard to give a specific dosage.
For some things a low dosage works better, & for other things a higher dosage. E.g.: for anxiety, a low to med dose will work better than a high dose, but for epilepsy a high dosage is required. So find a common dosage for your condition, & try out by starting low, and up the dosage till the desired effect is reached. For anxiety, when using a Tincture for Sublingual use, start with around 7 drops. When you don’t feel anything, add a few drops till you found the desired amount.

How long the effect last, also differs for each person, & depends on the way of use, but when using sublingual, the average time the effect last is 4-6 hours. When using Sublingual, make sure to keep the oil under your tongue for at least 2 min., & after that swirl it around in your mouth before swallowing. This is because you absorb very little when swallowing directly. It really has to be absorbed under your tongue so it goes directly into the bloodstream.

There are a lot of good CBD brands, but also a lot that are bad. Check the description for the ones that are the BEST in my opinion.
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