Can CBD Help With Sleep? How does CBD improve sleep | How to get better sleep

Can CBD help with sleep? It can, but not in the way you imagine. So how does CBD help you sleep? It works to combat insomnia at the root cause. That means it tackles Stress.

Stress is considered a major factor in creating body and physiological inflammation. Inflammation which can lead to DNA cell mutation and even create cancers. By dealing with free radicals and beating oxidative stress, CBD could help to tackle stress and beat insomnia.

CBD causes your body to release Dopamine, Seratonin and Norepinephrine, all chemicals in your body that reduce it’s stress levels. This is why it’s better to take CBD in the day if you want to capture it’s potential sleep improvement benefits

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How do I improve sleep, how to cure insomnia and how do I take CBD to help sleep, all topics we cover in this CBD sleep video.

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