Which Essential Oils Help Tight Muscles?

This video covers 6 essential oils to help tight muscles—3 that are cooling, and 3 that feel more warm when they’re applied.

That way, you’ll have something for every “tight muscle occasion!”

You’ll also learn a few tried-and-true ways of using these oils safely for tight muscles, so you experience muscle relief without the risk of using too much essential oil or irritating your skin.

If you’d like to learn more ways to use these essential oils to help tight muscles, hop over to this page:


Become an expert on using Cardamom essential oil (Elettaria cardamomum) . . . safely!

When you understand how to use this warm, spicy, sweet essential oil, it can become one of the most versatile products in your home care collection.

You’ll be able to naturally ease:
• Muscles
• Joints
• Headaches
• Low energy
• Belly aches
• Brain fog
• Congestion
. . . and more!

In Aromahead’s online Cardamom Essential Oil Spotlight, you’ll learn research-based ways to use the oil, so you know exactly what works without having to poke around online for information you can trust.

Learn more and enroll here:


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