Do CBD Tinctures REALLY Work? Pinnacle Hemp and Colorado Cures Review!

So Dari has been using her tincture for a little over a month as Adareyon has been using his a little over a week and wanted to touch base with you guys and explain if they’ve been working for us or not. Soon we’ll see about getting Adareyon a stronger tincture so he can more accurately review if it is something that would be good for physical pain management.
As always we hope you all are having a great day/night and remember to spread the peace! ✌

What is REALLY in CBD cigarettes? (part 1 and 2):

CBD Products in video-
Dari’s tincture: Colorado Cures 500 mg Full Spectrum
Adareyon’s tincture: Pinnacle Hemp 150 mg Full Spectrum
Flower: RNA by Duke
Vape Juice: Exotic Watermelon Kush by Hemp Bombs


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