[CannMed 2017] Debra Kimless – Case Presentations of Cancer Patients Treated with Cannabis Oil

Dr. Kimless presents four examples of cancer patients treated with low dose cannabis oil either as a sole treatment or in conjunction with conventional cancer therapies.

Cannabis has been shown to play an important role in cancer treatment from mitigating treatment side effects to causing cancer cell apoptosis. Dosing is always a question, and these cases present successful treatments based on individual metrics using very lose doses of cannabinoids.

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Debra Kimless, M.D. graduated magna cum laude from Muhlenberg College with a double major in Natural Sciences and Biology. She was selected to be part of Phi Beta Kappa honor society. She went on to medical school at Rutgers and residency at Temple University Hospital where she studied and became a clinical practitioner for over 15 years as a boarded Anesthesiologist with a subspecialty certification in Pain Medicine.

Motivated by her mother who suffered horribly with intractable pain at the end of her life and who had always responded paradoxically to opiates, Dr. Kimless became a passionate champion for medical cannabis.

Dr. Kimless dedicated the last several years to immersing herself in all aspects of medical cannabis, including scientific and medical applications for the treatment of patients. She has traveled the world studying under the most respected experts in cannabis medicine and science, most notably, in both the Netherlands and in Israel (two countries regarded as best practice models in the use of medical cannabis).

She shares her knowledge by speaking with physicians to educate them about the endocannabinoid system and to help them understand how medical cannabis can be an effective tool to help patients. She also consults with patients pro bono to introduce cannabis medicine as a treatment option. She has first-hand experience in successfully treating patients with a variety of medical conditions using an individualized treatment plan. She collects patient data and has presented the case studies at national and international conferences and seminars.

Her passion is to educate physicians, patients, and the public to de-stigmatize cannabis, so they understand that is a real and effective medical therapeutic choice.


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