Sleep Formula CBD Oil for Anxiety, Insomnia & Relaxation | Tincture or CBD Vape Oil

One of the most common questions the Gold Line team gets is what CBD will help me sleep. The anxiety, insomnia, sleeplessness, trouble falling asleep, or not getting a deep sleep are very large and widespread problems. Many of these functions are due to anxiety throughout the day that have a negative effect on your sleep. Insomnia due to anxiety is a very serious problem. Many people look for different medications to help with their sleep or help them fall asleep faster. Unfortunately, the options commonly used are melatonin, prescription drugs, or downers. some of which are not natural, create dependency or are harmful. Therefore, many people look for CBD formulas to help with their sleep because of its benefits, no need for prescription and mostly for the fact that it is natural. In this video the GoldLine CBD team reveals and talks about its new Sleep line up of CBD that is specifically designed to help in the sleeping process. The CBD and strain blends were specifically extracted to provide a quicker more natural way to fall asleep and once you get there to go deeper into slumber. We present 2 sleep CBD oral tinctures and one CBD sleep vape cartridge. If you are looking for a CBD to help you sleep, reduce your nighttime anxiety or a vape to help you fall asleep please watch this video and consider the GoldLine sleep line of products.

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