How Medical Cannabis Works to Help Parkinson's Disease Patients

UPDATE AUG 2021: With the rise in popularity and interest in medical cannabis and CBD, Modern Aging is partnering with Dr. Chin and launching a new course – The Essential Guide to Cannabis and CBD for Women’s Health this fall! If you are interested in finding out more, email us at

Medical Cannabis is legal in 33 states now despite having a 94% national support rating. Medical marijuana has helped thousands with cancer, Parkinsons, epilepsy, chronic pain, neurological disorders and so many other illnesses to be able to obtain a quality of life that was not reachable through “traditional, mainstream” treatment. Medical cannabis is also known to help people with depression, anxiety, mood disorders, lack of sleep. We decided to take my mom who has Parkinson’s Disease to see a cannabis doctor, Dr. Junella Chin, and see if CBD oil could provide some comfort for her. We documented the appointment so you can learn some of the benefits of CBD oil as it is used to treat Parkinsons patients. Check it out!

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Dr Junella Chin


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