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Hello Everyone Welcome to THE PAIN MINUTE Youtube Channel. Today we will learn Genicular Ablation | How to Treat Your Knee Pain Without Surgery | The Pain Minute.

Here’s How to Treat Your Knee Pain Without Surgery: Genicular ablation is an innovative option for treating knee pain without surgery. By selectively applying a radiofrequency wave to the nerves surrounding the knee, one can effectively relieve pain in the knee. There is no steroid used in this procedure, In fact, no medication is injected into the knee joint at all.

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The Pain Minute is brought to you by Dr. Baljinder Bathla. Dr. Baljinder Bathla is the co-founder of Chicago Sports and Spine. Dr. Bathla brings with him a unique skill set, he is one of the few anesthesia pain fellowship trained pain physicians in the country with a background in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This unique combination allows him to merge his musculoskeletal and rehabilitation expertise with cutting edge pain management techniques.


After attending Wright State University School of Medicine in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio; Dr. Bathla completed his training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital/University of Chicago. He then went on to complete an interventional pain medicine fellowship at the University of Chicago in the Department of Anesthesia. Dr. Bathla is Board Certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as Pain Medicine. After completing his training at the University of Chicago, he continued at the University as an attending physician where he today continues to have clinics and teach residents and fellows as a clinical associate.

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A passion for Dr. Bathla is providing medical relief work. He was amongst a group of early responders during the Asian Tsunami of 2004 where he and his team were able to establish a clinic to provide relief to over 1000 survivors. He also helped victims of Hurricane Katrina deal with musculoskeletal pain issues in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He continues to be active in providing volunteers to areas in need of medical professionals around the world.

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Dr. Bathla’s areas of interest include the management of acute and chronic spinal disorders, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), neuromodulation, and sports medicine. During his training in physical and pain medicine, Dr. Bathla found a multidisciplinary approach successful in improving his patients’ quality of life. He feels that Pain Management is a team effort requiring physicians, therapists, and psychologists.

Call the Chicago Pain and Spine Center today to make an appointment with Dr. Bathla and see what treatment options he can offer you.

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