What Strain Should I Use to Treat My Insomnia?

What is the best strain to treat insomnia? Fact is, every person responds differently to strains. What works for Suzy, may not work for Joe. It may take a bit of trial-and-error before you find the right strain.

Key points:

Intake method is as important as strain!

Some people find vaporization works best for them. For others, they prefer oral administration (e.g. edibles). And, some people prefer to combine the two. For example, vaporization will affect you the most quickly, but the effects wear off faster, as well. If you have difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep, “vaping” a small dose along with an edible may have the effect of helping you get to sleep faster, and with the edible, you can stay asleep longer.

Consider terpenes as much as strains.

Strains — even from the same producer — often vary considerably in terms of chemical composition. Therefore, it’s important to find lab-tested strains that document cannabinoid and terpene content. Many people find strains that are high in terpenes like linalool and myrcene to work best.

Strains considered Indica-dominant tend to have higher levels of myrcene, but this is a generalization, and not a hard and fast rule. But, if you look for strains that have at least .5% myrcene, they will be more sedative than strains with lower myrcene content (as myrcene seems to work synergistically with other cannabinoids like THC and CBD) to produce sleep-inducing effects.

It may take a bit of trial-and-error until you find the ideal strain (and preferred intake method or methods). Further, given the variable consistency among strains and patient accessibility to medicine, rather than recommend specific strains, we suggest finding strains or products based on their chemical composition profile (per guidelines outlined above).


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