Women’s Health and Cannabis – Panel Presentation

Tags: Addiction, Cannabinoids, Chronic Pain, Endometriosis, Opioids, Patient Data, Women’s Health

Moderator: Meredith Rose Burak – Asana Bio Group
Panelists: David Meiri, Ph.D.; Rosemary Mazanet, MD, Ph.D.; Ethan Russo, MD; Stephanie Karasick

Cannabis pop culture is notoriously male – yet women are the fastest growing consumers in the market. With a high concentration of endocannabinoid receptors in the reproductive system, women are especially receptive to the healing properties of the plant, and have been using cannabis since ancient Egypt to provide relief from everything from cramps to infertility. Yet, scientific research and evidence-based products for women remain scarce. To date, the industry lacks the knowledge, investment and focus to provide proper medicinal relief to this massive market at scale. With more female executives than most industries (around 27%, beating the 23% national average for U.S. businesses), it’s time to take a dedicated look at cannabis’ immense untapped healing power for women and hear from leading minds how they are advancing science and products to benefit women’s health. We need your help to grow this conversation into action.


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