CBD Oil Infused Pillows by Malouf: Manage Stress & Bring a More Restful Sleep

During such a chaotic time, we are all looking for ways to de-stress. CBD oil is known to help manage restlessness, pain, and stress—which all affect your quality of sleep. Each pillow in Malouf’s CBD line includes a CBD oil infusion and a soothing sage scent, a refreshing CBD spritzer, and a natural cotton cover.



ELLEN GEFEN: @ellengefen

So we’re hearing a lot about cbd and its medicinal uses. We’re hearing a
lot about marijuana becoming legal in many states. There are a number of companies that are introducing CBD into your sleep in many different
ways. I’m at Malouf, they’re going to talk with us about CBD infused
pillows. So talk with me about what was the thought process in terms of
using CBD and pillows. Well I think you hit the nail on the head that people are
really interested in how to work CBD into their sleep routine so we decided
to do a CBD infused pillow because we’re already experts about you
know sleep. We’ve got proprietary foams, we’ve got trademark technologies.
How can we combine this with CBD. So what we’ve done is, we’ve done a
multi-stage infusion. We have CBD oil infused in the pillow and it’s an isolated CBD so that means there’s no THC at all it’s just pure CBD. And then we have a spritzer and that is all organically grown CBD oil from our farm in Denver, Colorado and you can spray that on the pillow and rest your head so you get a really full body approach to better sleep. So show us some of the different pillows
you have. So we have three types. We’ve got the zoned dough, the zoned shoulder cut out and the active dough. So the zoned dough was one of our first pillows. This is it you can see the pillow and it’s 100 unbleached, undyed, cotton cover. This is the same foam. It’s got the zoning technology so it’s got the larger holes in the center and the smaller holes around the edge so it really cradles your head and neck. And this shoulder cut out is designed specifically for side sleepers
and then we have the active dough which is our proprietary foam formula so it’s a little bit more responsive. So you see when you push this it bounces back really quickly. It’s got that same patented zoning technology so every time your head goes down on this pillow it’s going to release some of the CBD oil from the pillow
and pair with the CBD oil that’s in the spritzer so you’re really going to get
all those benefits. So what we’re doing is bringing you first news about
CBD and how it can be brought to you in your sleep with Malouf in their pillows. There are companies that are bringing CBD to mattresses also at the market so you’re going to be seeing a lot more about CBD and your sleep.


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