Muslce and Joint Pain – Symptom Series

Joint and muscle pain is a common symptom not just with the menopause, but with ageing in general. As we get older the lubrication between our joints starts to go away causing friction and discomfort. The muscles as well can get weaker and can become torn more easily leading to those aches and pains I’m sure we’re all used to by now. These days, 5 years into the menopause I get out of bed just aching from my toes right up to my shoulders to the point I don’t know if I’ll reach the bathroom. It really makes you feel like an 97 year old as you hobble about your day in pain. Although to be fair my next-door neighbour is a 98 year old woman and she gets by better than me sometimes, which I have no idea how she does. Personally, for me, I took CBD oil which helped with the pain a lot. Going to an osteopathy clinic also helped me as I get a frozen shoulder all the time. Also as summer is starting to fade away slowly as we’re halfway into August try to soak up as much vitamin D as you can, as it is so amazing for the body and for your health. And finally, end the day with a nice relaxing Epsom salt bath at night before you sleep really helps any sore and aching joints and muscles. Do you have any tips?
Love, Meg x

Special Thanks to:
Jo Hansford Salon for my Hair
Rikki Casey for my Make-up
Erica Fraser for Filming and Editing


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