Rick Simpson oil – has it been proven to treat cancer?

Rick Simpson oil is a a CBD/hemp oil derived from the Cannabis plant. It has been used for years to treat conditions such as cancer and chronic pain.

The manufacturer featured in this review is Simpson Oil.

In this video we will review it, focusing on the scientific evidence for its use and reported benefits. The method of making this oil is equally famous as the oil itself but in this video we will focus on the product only.
Particularly its claims that it can cure various types of cancer as well as chronic pain, anxiety and depression.
But be on no doubt they are selling Risck simpson Oil because they say that on their website once you land there.

Unlike other CBD/hemp oils, Rick simpson oil is derived from the whole plant of cannabis. It is probably high in THC, so it will have a significant amount of psychoactive properties.

Rick Simpson oil has long been reported to be beneficial for the treatment of cancer and chronic pain.

It seems Simpson oil version of Rick simpson oil is high in THC and lower in CBD; so it is probably more psychoactive than a pure CBD oil.

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