Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract Founder Discusses Brand’s Impact

Jared Stanley, one of the seven Stanley Brothers who founded Charlotte’s Web (previously known as CW Hemp), talks about growing their hemp extract production to meet the demand of consumers. Charlotte’s Web controls production all the way from the soil to the shelf, cloning and growing their own hemp plants in their greenhouses, growing hemp outdoors at their hemp farms in Colorado, harvesting the hemp, and extracting and producing hemp extract products to ensure quality, consistency and integrity for customers who rely on their product.

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Jared Stanley (Co-Founder, Charlotte’s Web): Charlotte’s Web, it’s named after just one person that was directly impacted by the product. Hopefully we can see a billion lives changed in our lifetime, and that’s our purpose here.

Jared Stanley: Charlotte’s Web, in a nutshell, it’s all parts of the hemp plant concentrated into a bottle. When we started in 2014 we had a 15,000 client wait list for these plants right here behind us. There’s 200,000 plants here and they’re all the same. Our greenhouses are used to create these plants and we get to bring them outside. We plant the plants, we harvest the plants, we process the plants to prepare them for extraction. We then test them to make sure that they’re of the right quality. And then they go into extraction and with that extract we manufacture different products. We’ve always released every batch with quality, consistency and integrity, and those are the core values of the Charlotte’s Web brand.

Bear Reel (Director of Plant Biology, Charlotte’s Web): Everything that goes into a Charlotte’s Web bottle we monitor scientifically, genetically, phytochemically, to make sure that the product that we make today is going to be the same product 30 years from now.

Bear Reel: I would say the biggest reason I’m with this company- at Charlotte’s Web- is because everyone here is in it for the right reasons- to make sure that the people who are in need of this can access it. That’s what it’s all about for us. It’s the customer feedback that we get, it’s our, you know, emails that come through our customers service line that say, “thank you, thank you, thank you.” That’s why we’re here.

Jared Stanley: Once you saw what it did and the impact, we were like, “I can’t do anything greater in my life.” This is what I’m supposed to do.


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