Kingwood chiropractor talks about reducing back pain, CBD oil and Fish oil

Dr. Tyler Hamel of Kingwood Back Pain Relief Chiropractic talks about a plan to naturally reduce back pain and inflammation.

Dr. Hamel has been a practicing doctor of Chiropractic for over 18 years, after treating thousands of patients he has come up with a chiropractic plan to help get rid of back and neck pain.

1. Chiropractic adjustments- taking pressure off of the spine using specific chiropractic adjustments significantly decreases pain and inflammation. Postural stress causes compression in the neck and back and one of the most effective ways to release the pressure is a specific neck or back “crack” or “pop”.

2. Corrective Exercises- in order to counteract the negative effects of postural stress which are pain and inflammation, exercises are necessary. Specific exercises for the neck, mid-back and low back will help stabilize the spine and help the body deal with the daily stresses of work, driving, eating, picking up kids and exercise. Without doing daily postural

3. Nutritional supplements- as a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory Dr. Hamel recommends certain natural supplements. The advantage of taking whole food supplements are you can take a high dose without having any side effects. Dr. Hamel recommends supplements containing magnesium, boswellia, turmeric and other proprietary supplements from both Standard Process and Medi Herb.

What makes this Kingwood Chiropractor different is that he offers all of the services in his office, a one stop shop in a way. Dr. Hamel has seen thousands of neck pain, back pain, sciatica and headache patients over the past 18 years; he has figured out a natural treatment plan that helps his patient’s consistently get rid of their aches and pains.

There are thousands of people in the Kingwood and Humble Texas areas that are struggling with back spasm, back stiffness, and chronic pain who just don’t know where to go to get help.

Plain and simple, Kingwood Chiropractor Dr. Tyler Hamel DC provides services to help his patients get rid of their back and neck pain quickly and effectively. As another added benefit Doctor Hamel does accept insurance, accepts M.D. referrals and accepts walk-in patients.

For more information please reach out to this Kingwood Chiropractor to learn more about chiropractic adjustments, postural exercises and whole food supplementation.

Kingwood Back Pain Relief Chiropractic
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