Cannabis For Chronic Pain Explained By Dr Joe

In this video Dr Joe Kosterich explains chronic pain, traditional treatment methods for chronic pain, side effects of those treatments and how cannabis is now being used to help treat chronic pain in Australia, and world wide.
00:19 – What are the signs of chronic pain?
01:29 – When should individuals seek a doctor’s help for pain?
02:26 – How is chronic pain diagnosed?
03:40 – What are the traditional treatments for chronic pain?
05:07 – Talk more about pharmacological treatments.
06:11 – What are some of the side effects of traditional treatments?
07:52 – Can cannabis help treat chronic pain?
09:26 – What types of chronic pain can cannabis help with?
10:05 – Tell us about CBD & THC for chronic pain.
11:55 – How does THC help with pain relief?
12:32 – How does CBD help with chronic pain?
13:42 – What are the side effects of cannabis for chronic pain?
14:46 – The differences between CBD & THC side effects.
15:50 – What type of cannabis is normally prescribed for chronic pain?
18:58 – Topicals and transdermals for chronic pain.
20:24 – Is there a specific dosage of CBD or THC for chronic pain?
21:21 – What does the scientific evidence say about cannabis for chronic pain?

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Disclaimer: Currently, in Australia, cannabis is only legal with a prescription. The team at honahlee are not doctors and are not providing medical advice. Neither Dr Joe Kosterich nor the honahlee team are recommending the use of marijuana (cannabis) for medical or adult use purposes. Cannabis does not work for everyone and may have negative side effects. In Australia, medical marijuana (cannabis) is regulated by the TGA. If you think cannabis is right for you, please consult with your doctor or specialist.


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