#28 Everything About CBD with Dr. Dawson Founder / CEO of Wild Health CBD

Dr. Matthew Dawson of Wild Health and Wild Health CBD joins Dr. Barrett to discuss why they choose CBD and what the Wild Health CBD brand is innovating! Dr. Barrett looked around at all the different CBD products out there and feels that Wild Health stands above and beyond.

Learn about the extraction methods used and why quality CBD works so well for pre and post op treatments. Hear about how CBD can actually curb the need to prescribe opioids and other over the counter options that can make patient conditions worse.

CBD itself is doing great things but, the quality of the product and the teams behind it all are key. Dr. Dawson explains everything from mass spectrometry methods to how they are able to test it all for contamination. Be sure to tune in and learn everything you need to know about CBD!

Please visit www.wildhealth.com for info on the medical practice.

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Visit our website at www.drdanielbarrett.com for more information.
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