Brain Injury, Post Concussion Syndrome, and Marijuana: Neuro-inflammation and the Gut/Brain Axis

Brain Injury, Post Concussion Syndrome and Marijuana: Neuro-inflammation and the Gut/Brain Axis

There is an increasing body of evidence that has begun to undercover the underlying mechanisms that cannabinoids could have on reducing inflammation and improving outcomes after traumatic brain injury. At the same time, an increasing body of evidence is growing for the effects cannabinoids may have on improving function of the intestinal tract in chronic inflammatory diseases.

It seems that the key to treating post concussion syndrome, secondary injury in traumatic brain injury, and preventing neurodegenerative disorders may be accomplished through gaining an understanding of the relationship between the function of the gut and the brain after neurological injury.

In today’s video, we will discuss how medical marijuana may help to reduce neuro-inflammation, improve gut-brain interactions, and improve mental health following TBI.

We will also discuss the potential effect to prevent against neurodegenerative disorders, and highlight a few of the issues related to gaining access to medical marijuana.

Disclaimer: Evidence suggests THC in the early stages of TBI/concussion could have a neurotoxic effect rather than a therapeutic effect.

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