Using CBD Oil For Pain, Inflammation, Anxiety and Sleep

Dr. Tyler Hamel, Kingwood Chiropractor and Nutritionist is providing THC CBD oil for his patients wanting natural relief from pain, inflammation, insomnia and anxiety.

Most of the the research into CBD oil or Hemp Oil shows natural support for the following symptoms:
1. Pain and inflammation
2. Anxiety and nervousness
3. Sleep and insomnia

In our body, we already have a natural cannabinoid system in place so CBD oil when taken, knows where to go and the body knows how to react to it. So CBD is not a foreign substance to the body, that is why it is so well accepted and easy on the body.

Dr. Hamel’s patient’s were very concerned about having trace amounts of THC in the CBD oils, and a lot of the brands do. He now is providing CBD oil to patients that has no THC so one does not have to worry about a positive drug test.

The new brand of CBD oil that his office, Pinnacle Health and Wellness is carrying is 1000 mg, THC free and peppermint flavor. For the cost, this is the best CBD oil that Dr. Hamel recommends.

Dr. Hamel has been providing neck pain, back pain, headache and Sciatica relief naturally for over 20 years using spinal treatment, corrective exercises and natural supplements. For anyone coming into his office with acute pain he lets the patient know that taking natural supplements to help decrease pain, decrease inflammation and support joint health is a very safe way to go.

When looking to speed up the healing and repair process anything that can naturally help decrease pain and promote healing is a positive for the patient. Patients want to get our of pain quickly says this Kingwood chiropractor, no one wants to do therapy for 6-8 months and natural supplements like CBD can help get results more quickly.

Dr. Hamel makes sure to remind his patients that CBD oil is not a miracle cure; it just compliments the treatments and corrective exercises the patient is already doing.

For more information about CBD oil, treatments for aches and pains and other natural supplements please reach out to his office at:

Dr. Tyler Hamel DC, ACN
Pinnacle Health and Wellness|Kingwood Back Pain Relief Chiropractic
3039 Woodland Hills Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339


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