Local doctor offering CBD products to help patients

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – A popular treatment for anxiety and chronic pain is getting new attention at the gynecologist’s office.

CBD oil studies are now underway by the National Institutes of Health. Researchers are now studying CBD to see how much these products might help with everything from pain to anxiety. But Dr. Amy Brenner is a one of a handful of women’s health providers in the Tri-State and across the country using CBD in their practices.

Dr. Brenner recently began making CBD oils available in her office for women who said they would prefer it to a prescription medication. While the studies are still underway, she says women were asking for them, so she researched some of the products where you put a few drops under the tongue or use them topically.

She now does stock them in her office for patients who request them for everything from topical skin healing to menstrual cramp relief to reducing pelvic pain.

These products can range in cost from about $30-$150 a bottle, so you do want to make sure you are getting quality ingredients in them and using them under a doctor’s care.

In most cases, CBD products are not covered by medical insurance plans.


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