What Blackmarket THC CARTS did to me….

Black Market carts are on the rise in the marijuana community. Black market carts are not only addictive but also dangerous. Black market carts like dank vapes, TKO carts, cereal carts, ROVE carts, Kingpen Carts, and many others are all highly counterfeit carts.

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Just because a cart is “real” does not mean that deep fake counterfeit carts can exist. Real vs fake carts is a common topic of discussion in the weed community. If you did not buy the cart from a state regulated licensed dispensary assume it is a fake cart! If you bought your cart from a plug it is 99.9% fake.

Fake carts are hindering the pro 420 movement greatly. If you are 420 friendly you need to do your part and stop supporting the blackmarket cart industry.

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