Symptoms / Signs of Gall Bladder Stones | How to know if you have Gallstone problem

Gall bladder Stone, Symptoms, Treatment, Removal, in Hindi, पित्ताशय की पथरी, लक्षण, उपचार

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Dr. Jasmeet Singh Ahluwalia is a Super-Specialist Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon who performed most of the abdominal surgeries (surgeries of tummy) with key-hole method.

He has done FNB-MAS (post-doctoral super speciality fellowship of 2 years by National Board of Examinations from GEM Hospital) making him one of the best Laparoscopic Surgeon.

Most common surgeries can be done with key-hole method like:

Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery)

Metabolic Surgery (Diabetes Surgery)

Gall Bladder Surgery – even most difficult ones

CBD Surgery – for CBD stone or stricture or choledochal cyst

Appendix Surgery – even complicated ones

Hernia Surgery – Ventral Hernia, Incisional Hernia, Umbilical Hernia, Paraumbilical Hernia or any other hernia. We do ventral hernia surgery without tackers thereby making it much more cost-effective and safer.

Hysterectomy Surgery – Uterus Removal Surgery

Gynae Surgeries – Surgery of ovarian cyst or tumour, ectopic pregnancy, re-canalization of tubes, diagnostic laparoscopy for infertility with testing of tubes

Fundoplication Surgery – Hiatus Hernia Surgery – Surgery for acid reflux from stomach to oesophagus (food pipe). All kinds of fundoplications like Nissen’s Fundoplication, Dor Fundoplication, Toupet Fundoplication can be done.

Heller’s Cardiomyotomy Surgery – For Achalasia Cardia

Liver surgeries – For liver cysts like hydatid cyst etc.

Pancreas surgeries – cystogastrostomy or cystojejunostomy for pseudocyst pancreas, pancreticojejunostomy for chronic pancreatitis, distal pancreatectomy for tutors

Eshophagus Surgery – Food Pipe Surgery – Achalasia Cardia, leiomyoma (tumor) etc.

Stomach Surgeries – For stomach tumors, bleeding, perforation, pseudocyst, GIST, trichobezoar etc.

Small Intestine Surgeries – adhesion, band, stricture, perforation (hole in bowel), gangrene, tumour etc.

Large Intestine Surgery – Tumor, hole

Rectum surgery – Rectopexy for rectal prolapse, for rectal tumours

We also offer following advancements in the field of Laparoscopic Surgery –

Day Care Surgery – Patient gets admitted on morning of the day of surgery and goes home same day evening.

Mini-Laparoscopic Surgery – The cuts are further reduced in size and very thin instruments are used to perform the surgery.

Single – Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) – Scarless Surgery – A single cut hidden inside navel is used to perform the surgery making it virtually scar free in later life.

Paediatric Laparoscopic Surgery – Key-Hole Surgery for children – We offer laparoscopic surgery for very small kids as well.

Feel Confident in our world class facility…

Our Centre is well equipped with latest technology like –

– Modular Operation Theatres with special air filters
– Full HD imaging system for clear vision
– Advanced Vessel Sealing Devices to reduce blood loss
– Many kinds of laparoscopic instruments to perform diverse types of surgeries
– DVT prophylaxis pumps
– Electronic OT table with support for very heavy patients
– High quality ventilators
– ICU backup


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