Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil

My life has been destroyed due to Chronic Pain. I used to travel the world, I had the energy to do the things I loved. Spend as much time as I wanted with the people I loved. – I remember exactly what it felt like not to be in pain. I still want to live a life tho. I know there will never be a cure for the pain I live with 24/7 but I can try to make the most of the life I now have.

I tried Charlotte’s web. The taste does linger in your mouth for a long while but at least it tastes of Chocolate oil. I only took a small amount the first time and it was only when I figured out that a whole tippet is 1ml did I take the recommended dose the next day and for a week following. – Did it work? – I am amazed how good it is was, it’s certainly NOT a cure, but it does help take a bit of the edge off of your anxiety.

Now, I am not hailing it as some amazing cure but just having it ease my ever so pain slightly by reducing my anxiety is something I will gladly accept. Shame it is so expensive to buy.

A Placebo? I don’t think so. You know you’ve ingested it, you can feel it (I don’t know how to describe it tho). I know my pain well enough, I have lived with it for years now and the only Placebo out there is Adrenalin, once your body is pumped full of adrenaline pain fades away rapidly but this technique is very short lived, like a matter of minutes, but when you in pain you want those few minutes so desperately…

I’m a big fan of Charlotte’s Web. It does not make any claims to cure pain, and it did not reduce my pain but it did reduce anxiety which is a huge element in pain management. and I will take any reduction in anxiety I can get. Which in turn has a knock on effect and can help reduce pain but does not eliminate it.

Day 1 I had not taken enough Charlotte’s Web but I could feel it, day 2 I took 1ml in the morning and actually started to have an okay day, by day 3 I had had a few hours proper sleep, the first in years. By day 7 I had reduced my intake to 0.5ml per day as I felt it gave similar results. Which is great as now the Charlotte’s Web last twice as long per bottle!

Side effects? It can make your digestive system a little uncomfortable for the first few days, like any new medication, if it’s powerful your body needs time to adjust. I wasn’t sick but I knew it was the Charlotte’s Web causing the discomfort, and it passed by day 3. In the world of medication this is a no-big-deal side effect.

If you are a chronic pain sufferer you’ll appreciate no two pain sufferers are the same, so what works for one may not work the other person. I noticed a reduction in anxiety tho, I felt the Charlotte’s Web in my system, it is potent and lasts a very long time, so if I miss a day of taking it it is still in my system doing it’s thing.

It took a full week of taking it before I was sure the Charlotte’s web was really doing something positive, so don’t just chug it down and expect miracles.

Given this medication wont give you a heart attack, isn’t mass produced man made chemicals etc it’s certainly got some plus points.

If your in pain and you can afford to try Charlotte’s Web go ahead, I just want more people to be able to experience what I have with this amazing product.


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