How To Give My Dog CBD Oil (for chronic pain, arthritis and anxiety)

Hi everyone! With CBD oil on the rise all over the place I get asked if I use it for my pups and if so how do I give it to my dogs. Well, it’s simple YES! I absolutely give it to all my animals 3 dogs plus my cat and they really benefit from it. In this video, I share how I use it and administer it as well as some other ways you can give it to your pets if they aren’t licking it off of spoon. Let’s get started, Sasha

If you are interested in trying out CBD oil for your pet, the one I recommend AND use is Select CBD … I am an affiliate so if you choose to make a purchase I do get a commission that does not affect your cost in any way. I use them for my pet cbd oil, my own personal cbd oil and I really like the flavorless one. I’ve also tried the mint and enjoy that one as well. Here is their link:

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