HRT and weight loss and menopause! It all works together. I am 116 lbs today! How did I do it?

We notice the weight gain first and wonder “What are we doing wrong?” “Why is weight loss so difficult?” “What can make weight loss easier?” Well, our HRT has massive impacts on this element of health. You are more than a number on a scale! I describe how hormones impact your weight and your ability to lose weight! HRT of the right type and high dose will make a BIG impact!

You will feel so well that adding nutrition and exercise is EASY! 😉
Many women feel they have a passport to health once the HRT is in place.

I am an independent coach. I do not sell you products to distract from your wellness. I provide education and motivation to help you along your personal wellness journey. I serve all types of women. Women with chronic disease. Women struggling with obesity. Women of any income level. If you are looking for a partner in wellness, consider coaching.

If you would like to set weekly health goals and meet other women in recovery, join the Facebook Group: Kitty Anderson’s Menopause Recovery Group!

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Nutrients are a part of your HRT Plan. I am an expert on getting more nutrients from each bite of food. The foods with most nutrients are described in The Autoimmune Protocol Diet. This diet is anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense! This keeps your immune system running strong! This diet gives you 7-10 times the nutrients compared to a processed food diet.
Here is a link to a topline description.

The AIP eliminates foods that block your HRT, eliminates foods that disrupt digestion, eliminates foods that are likely reactive, eliminates food that are allergens, eliminates foods that overwork the immune system, eliminates nuts and seeds that lock up nutrients, eliminates foods that are full of toxins that disrupt HRT and imbalance hormones, eliminates most sugars, and eliminates foods that include intestinal irritants that weaken nutrient absorption. It adds nutrient rich foods like organ meats, liver, kidney, heart, fermented foods, 8 cups of veggies and fruits daily, nutrient rich herbs, mineral and protein rich bone broth, adds sea salt with 82 micro minerals, adds healthy fats like olive and avocado oil, combines carbohydrate, fats and proteins into every meal. The elimination phase lasts for at least 6 weeks and many people will wait 3 months before reintroducing foods. Reintroductions follow a special process.

Print off the documents in this directory and make that HRT appointment.

Let me know how it goes.

Please share this video to anyone with an interest. 😉 Grow the universe of healthy women over 50!

Email me at for “159+ Symptoms of Menopause”. And Sample Treatment Table. And Your Initial HRT Appointment Guide. If you would like an expert partner in your recovery, email me. I have 3 month and 6 month packages. Coaching is about recovery. This is a process involving HRT, nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management, toxin and Pharma reduction.

I offer education and coaching to help women recover 100% from health failure at menopause. Learn more about hormone health and how to work with your doctor. It’s important to educate before you spend on “other non-hormonal products” that you may not need once you have HRT! Save money, save health. Nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management, toxin and pharma reduction. Identical HRT is not like other pharma.

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