Ask The Doctor: How long does it take for CBD oil to work for pain?

Hi, everyone, I’m Dr. Dan Stein. And the next question has to do with how long does it take for CBD oil to work for pain, and specifically for joint pain? Well, it can work immediately. There are some pain receptors that CBD oil binds to that will provide immediate relief. However, for joint pain, especially a type of pain that has been lasting for a while, there are inflammatory changes in the joints, the tendons and the ligaments that will take longer to heal. So in general, I tell my patients that although there may be some immediate relief, it’s important, especially for joint pain to continue with therapy for at least several weeks until the medication can have a positive effect on the underlying inflammatory changes going on at the joint level regarding the tendons and ligaments and so forth. So it’s important to be patient and continue with therapy, especially for longer lasting problems like chronic joint pain or back pain, for example. However, some patients do experience immediate relief and that’s, that’s a really good thing. So thanks for tuning in. And please subscribe, john, folks at United patients group. Have a great day everybody. Thanks so much for listening.

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