My CBD Life- Receptra CBD oil and Pain Management

I have recently traveled down the CBD walk of life due to some health issues and let me tell you, it’s a confusing one! Every celebrity and influencer out there is pushing a product, and they’re not cheap so what do you buy? Anyone else in this same boat? If you find a good one, the properties are life changing. Then you run into the issue of THC and guns which very well may go unchecked..

I was fortunate to find CBD by @receptranaturals due to some samples given to me by @PinkRangerMMA; they are helping me to mitigate the pain that is causing me to at times, not be able to walk very well.. they have a 0% THC product which of course isn’t nearly as effective as the .3% but that’s the one I’m taking.. I take the CBD oil orally and then the topical directly on my knee.

Hope that helps a little in questions about CBD…

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