Top 5 Post-Op Care Products |Curated by Dr. Barrett

Create by Dr. BarrettDr. Barrett is passionate out offering holistic and effective post-operative products to all of his patients recovering from surgery. Here are the top five products Dr. Barrett recommends to all his patients:

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*New* Barrett Recovery CBD Oil 1500mg:

Creative by Dr. Barrett, Barrett Recovery CBD oil is a full spectrum organic CBD oil, Barrett Recovery CBD is formulated with 1500mg of pure, therapeutic cannabidiol per bottle.

Healfast Pre-Op & Post Op
The industry-leading, all-in-one formulation containing premium ingredients clinically shown to support healing, optimize recovery, reduce inflammation & swelling, and aid in pain control.

Arnica Recovery Complex
Arnica Recovery Complex is a pharmaceutical approach to procedural and surgical healing. The Arnica supplements help to stimulate skin tissue regeneration. This treatment is ideal for scarring and inflammation left behind from medical procedures such as: dermal fillers, breast enhancement, and facial reconstruction procedures.

Skinuva is a revolutionary scar cream providing fantastic results in minimal time. What makes it so effective? It is backed by science and uses highly selective Growth Factors which are shown to be twice as effective as silicone cream from our clinical trials.

living fuel super essentials fish oil
Enhance your cardiovascular and brain health with SuperEssentials® Omegas 3EDA+, the world’s most sophisticated Antioxidant Essential Fatty Acids supplement, now with Vitamin K2. Evidence for the heart and brain health benefits of omega-3 fish oil is undeniable. But SuperEssentials® Omegas does not stop there. It is far more than just fish oil; it’s quite possibly the most important supplement on earth and it’s ideal for the entire family. There is nothing on the market that compares to the complete nutritional profile of SuperEssentials® Omegas 3EDA+.


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