Dr Mitchell and Dr Harnick on HempFusion CBD Cardiac System Clinical Trials

We’ve welcomed HempFusion (TSE:CBD.U) CEO Dr. Jason Mitchell to speak with us at The Dales Report before. We had a great discussion about the company’s regulatory compliance and what things lay in store for the hemp-based CBD company. One of the topics that had come up briefly in that interview was a six-month clinical trial on the effects of CBD on the human body, which HempFusion would be the exclusive brand and sole supplier for. Joining us in this interview is both Dr. Jason Mitchell and Dr. David Harnick, the cardiologist who will be undertaking these clinical trials with HempFusion CBD at Mount Sinai Medical Hospital in NYC.

Here’s some highlights from the interview:
– Research on CBD hard to find – but important to pursue say both Harnick and Mitchell
– Clinical Trial run by Dr Harnick to be a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial
– Conversations improving about the possibilities of medical value in CBD – meaning great things for investors

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