CBD for Cancer & Pain – Expert Doctor Insights – An Interview with Dr. Debra Kimless

Links to learn more – and In this interview we explore CBD oil for cancer and pain. Hear Dr. Debra Kimless’ expert insights on CBD.

Dr. Debra Kimless, M.D. graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Muhlenberg College with a double major in Natural Sciences and Biology. She attended medical school at Rutgers, and residency at Temple University Hospital and is a board-certified Anesthesiologist with a subspecialty certification in Pain Medicine and is board certified by the American/International Lifestyle Medicine Board. Watch her presentation here about treating cancer patients with Cannabis Oil –

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1:10 – Introduction to Dr. Debra Kimless
2:42 – Sublingual CBD tablet
4:00 – Female Menstrual Pain and CBD
7:09 – Inhaling Terpenes
8:29 – Thoughts on Vaping CBD
12:30 – Synthetic CBD and the Entourage Effect
16:30 – Distillate vs Isolate CBD
23:00 – Topical CBDs – The Unsung Hero
27:00 – Skin Receptors and CBD
30:19 – The King of Chemistry and Terpenes
33:15 – Cancer and CBD


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