CBD Oil and Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain – The Story of Eric – "Its like being reborn again!"

Can CBD oil help for osteoarthritis and joint pain?

Eric has been playing bowls for years before osteoarthritis and stiffness in his joints stopped him from playing. Eric saw the Cannabis Clinic and started on CBD and THC oil.

The results speak for themselves. He got his life back and saved his sanity. “It’s like being born again, really!”. He is now playing bowls several times a week and has never looked back.

“Before CBD oil, I felt like jumping off a bridge … I am much happier now, my wife is much happier!”

CBD oil can be a great option for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia or sleep issues and other conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease and Inflammatory bowel conditions.

CBD oil is a non psychoactive component of the cannabis plant and is a legal medicine in NZ. You can buy CBD oil in NZ through a consultation with a doctor or a specialist at the Cannabis Clinic. You can then access CBD oil products through The Dispensary to buy at any time. These products include CBD oil, CBD cream, CBD vapes, CBD gummies and THC oil.

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