Canna Bliss Will Sell Hemp Oil Products and Tea in South Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Jamie Tillman said after a family member got a brain tumor removed last year, her relative suffered from extreme pain and dizziness.

Tillman wanted to help. That’s when she began looking into the health benefits of CBD, or cannabidiol, oil, which is derived from the hemp plant.

Tillman now plans to open a new store in south Springfield called Canna Bliss, located at 210 W. Republic Road.

The store, expected to open on Sept. 17, will sell a variety of CBD products – including vape pens, capsules, salves and gummies – as well as feature a tea bar.

Proponents of CBD products say the oil can relieve anxiety, depression, pain and inflammation and won’t give users a high.

(Story shared by Springfield News-Leader. Read the full article here.)


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