CBD Oil For Dogs: 4 Reasons Senior Dog Owners Are Flocking to CBD Oil

cbd oil for dogs

CBD Oil Can Help Alleviate Chronic Pain, Especially in Joints.

CBD oil naturally helps reduce inflammation in all parts of the body. The same endocannabinoid receptors that work together to relieve anxiety also target areas in the body experiencing pain due to inflammation, damaged nerves, and injury.

Many holistic veterinarians recommend CBD oil to senior dogs suffering from joint pain. It isn’t a cure for arthritis, but it eases the painful inflammation caused by worn down cartilage, and it thereby helps dogs feel better and stay active. It’s also used to alleviate painful symptoms of intestinal inflammation, and it’s often administered after surgery and during injury recovery to invoke the immune system for faster healing.2

Which Brand Of CBD Hemp Oil Is Safe & Effective For Senior Dogs?
The Cannanine™ Organic Hemp Oil with CBD is ideal for senior dogs. Unlike most CBD oil, Cannanine™ is 100% THC free. And since all of our products help dogs in some way, every purchase of Cannanine provides healthy meals for shelter dogs.


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