The Cannabis Forum S2 E1

The first video from our second series of The Cannabis Forum.

When people talk about cannabis, one of the most repeated phrases you will hear is that “there needs to be more research.” While there actually is a lot of scientific research on the medical efficacy on cannabis, including research into specific conditions like cancer, autoimmune disease and pain management, FDA approved research is challenging and difficult because of the Schedule 1 status of cannabis. In this Collaborative Conversation about Cannabis Research, guests Dr. Sue Sisley of Scottsdale Research Institute, Wendy Turner of The Coltyn Turner Foundation and Dr. Steven Bennett of Prescott Logic Technologies discuss the ramifications of Schedule 1 status on research, how research impacts product development and dosing standards, and how we can help create opportunities for not just MORE research, but also for better research.

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Music: “Going Higher” by BenSound


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