CBD Oil For Pain Relief // Bodyweight VACATION LEG DAY

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Workout Breakdown:

Warmup (50:10)
1) jumping jacks
2) 3 way lunges
3) squat and twist
4) glute bridge
5) bird-dog

To complete this workout, complete THREE rounds of both Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 1: Rep Based Strength
1) Sumo Squat Bottom Half (14 reps)
2) Sumo Squat Jumps (10 reps)
3) Bulgarian (14 reps per leg)
4) Plyo Bulgarians (10 reps per leg)
5) Single Leg Hip Thrust – Right leg (10 reps)
6) Power step ups – Right leg (10 reps)
7) Single Leg Hip Thrust – left leg (10 reps)
8)Power step ups – Left leg (10 reps)

Part 2: HIIT (40:10)
1) 4x switch lunge, 4x squat jump
2) 2x curtsy lunge, 1 heel click
3) frog pumps
4) chair lunges
5) 6 squat walks, 4 hops back


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