Does CBD oil REALLY work for ANXIETY? 1 month test

The information in this video comes from the first month of using CBD oil. I am still using this product today but I thought it’s important to know what to expect in the first month before you make any decisions.

This video comes from my own experiences with CBD oil and from the research I put in before I started using it. I also recommend that you consult your doctor before use in case it has an adverse reaction to any conditions or allergies that may not be obvious.

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Chapter Timestamps:

00:00 I used CBD oil for anxiety for 1 month | This is what happened
00:25 What to consider before taking CBD Oil
01:36 Does CBD oil ACTUALLY work?
02:05 What happens when you first start using CBD oil?
03:50 What happens when the body gets used to CBD oil?
05:56 Are there any side effects to CBD oil?
06:27 Would I recommend CBD oil for anxiety and depression?

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