How CBD Helps Pain & Anxiety With Guest Dr. Joe Cangas


In How CBD Helps Pain & Anxiety, Dr. Dave Candy and Dr. Joe Cangas will be talking about CBD, its benefits, and how it affects Chronic Pain management, as well as things you should know when your planning to use CBD products!

In this episode we discuss:
-How Dr. Cangas got from Pediatrics to CBD
-The effects of CBD on Anxiety and Chronic Pain
-The effects of CBD and how it works in the body
-The difference between CBD and THC
-How CBD affects inflammatory processes in the body
-How it helps in behaviors associated with Chronic Pain
-The most common side effects of CBD

Dr Joe Cangas is a board certified pediatrician and US Army veteran who focuses his practices on nutrition and natural​ wellness, before medication. He owns Ideal Pediatrics and Whole Child Pediatrics. As his patients came to him asking for recommendations regarding hemp CBD oils, he began to research its uses and safety. What he found was a plethora of information which was difficult to maneuver. What he also found was that his patients were receiving many benefits from using Hemp derived products. So, he created an informational website (, initially focused on educating his patients’ parents, but eventually with the goal of educating all who sell or use Hemp derived CBD products. On his journey, he was repeatedly asked for suggestions for brands that he trusted. After researching and vetting many companies, he developed a ‘Brands We Trust’ page, but still felt that, without having his ‘eyes’ on every step, from farming to manufacturing, he could never 100% trust them. Thus began his journey of creating his own line of products. With his medical training and the help of scientist and chemist, he proudly brings you Lydexar.

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