Topical CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil & Pets: Should You Use It?

Like most holistic health trends, proponents of CBD have said it can cure just about anything. Because it is a supplement it is largely unregulated and there is not as much financial incentive to research it as modern medicines. Due to this there is very little research supporting its use to treat much outside the realm of seizures. In pets even less is known and since every species is different it is likely that it will never be known what CBD can and can’t do for pets with the exception of possibly cats, dogs, and horses.

TO BE CLEAR: I had to speak very generally here. Taxinomically “Marijuana” and Hemp are the same group of plants. However, they are chemically very different. Hemp has more CBD and less THC, completely nullifying the “high”. Smoking hemp would be akin to smoking lawn clippings. They are legally distinct and determined by THC percentage. Places that ban the growing of “Marijuana” may not ban the growing of Hemp for this reason. This is why CBD is a bad argument for legalizing “Marijuana” as it is not the primary source of CBD, on top of the lack of research indicating its supposed benefits.

Rock Eastwood, The Man, The Myth, The Legend:


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